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Fire And Water Ball

The rules of Fire And Water Ball

It's time to dive into wonderful adventures in Fire And Water Ball. Take control of two balls to collect two keys and reach two exit portals at the same time.

Daring journeys

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also offers an engaging adventure. In this adventure, you must control two characters who are a fire ball and a water ball. They are getting stuck in the ancient tomb. Let's control two balls to move around the tomb to collect power gems and two keys. Note that the keys are really important because they can be used to unlock two exit portals. After picking up the keys, you must reach the exit portals. While running to the portals, you should be careful with dangers such as lava pools and water pools. Remember that the fire ball can swim in the lava pool, but it cannot touch the water pool. In contrast, the water ball can move in the lava pool. However, it will get hurt when falling into the lava pool. Do your best to dodge the hazards to stay safe until two balls get to the exit portals at the same time.

How to control

FIRE BALL: Use the WASD keys to guide the fire ball to move around and jump.

WATER BALL: Use the arrow keys to guide the water ball to move around and jump.

Interesting levels of Fire And Water Ball

The game has become one of the best adventure games this year because of its diversity of interesting levels. The levels have different levels of difficulty and challenge your reflexes and controls. Do your best to complete all adventures in the levels. After that, do not forget to check out MindLoop which also provides multiple levels and captivating journeys.