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Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories

New gameplay of Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories

Explore interesting stores in Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories. You must help the main characters in different stories to solve puzzles and earn many points.

The second version of Brain Test was released and attracted many players from all over the world. Unlike the first installment, the new edition offers the stories instead of a series of mind-teasing levels. In this game, you will explore five different stories in which you must assist the main characters in solving challenging puzzles. Here is the list of stories in the game.

  • Fitness With Cindy: The first story requires you to help Cindy who is a fat girl. You must control the objects to keep her away from food and help her establish a healthy lifestyle with fitness and diet.
  • Prison Escape: In the second story, you must assist Andy in escaping from the prison successfully because he is an innocent man.
  • Agent Smith: The third story challenges you to solve puzzles to help Agen Smith stop an evil scheme.
  • The McBrain Family: In the fourth story, you will meet the McFamily. The members of this family are encountering many problems. You must find the hint and solve their problems.
  • Monster Hunter Joe: In the final story, you must assist a monster hunter called Joe in defeating the monsters released by the Dark Lord.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to guide the objects on the playing field.

Creator and platforms of Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories

This game was developed by Unico Studio, a game development company known for creating various puzzle games. Like Text Twist, the game is also available on various platforms, including PC, iOS, and Android devices. Moreover, it is an excellent choice that will keep you entertained while sharpening your mind. Whether you seek mental stimulation or simply wish to have fun, try this game now.