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The Mechanics of Bookworm

Try playing Bookworm which is a challenging word game featuring many levels. Help the worm in the library connect letters to create valid words.

In this game, you will enter a library that a green worm manages. You are required to connect the letters in the library to create valid words. Note that the longer the word is, the higher your score is. Therefore, you should try to create as many meaningful words as possible to earn the highest possible score. One tip to gain many points is to use the letter in the green tile to create a valid word. Sometimes, the worm will request you to create a certain word. If you can create this word, you will get bonus points. In addition, you should be careful with burning tiles. If these tiles reach the bottom, they will set the library on fire. Therefore, whenever they appear, you should use the letter in the burning tiles to create valid words to eliminate them.

Some effective tips to win

  • Click on the worm to scramble all letters in the playing field. However, when you scramble, the number of burning tiles in the playing field will rise. Therefore, you should think carefully before scrambling the letters.
  • Attempt to create a long word to earn many points.
  • Try connecting all letters surrounding the first letter that you choose.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to connect the letters.

All levels in Bookworm

This word game consists of many levels with different degrees of difficulty. On each level, you will see the bookshelf at the left of the screen. You will win a level if the bookshelf is full of books. To fulfill the bookshelf, you need to create as many valid words as possible. Do your best to complete all levels in the game and gain the highest possible score.