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Blumgi Soccer

The playing guidelines of Blumgi Soccer

Get ready for thrilling soccer matches in Blumgi Soccer. Your task is to destroy the obstacles and kick the ball into the goalpost to break the world record.

Score goals

The gameplay of this game is simple in concept but challenging to master. This game will take you on exciting soccer matches. In each match, you must aim accurately and then kick the ball into the goalpost. Note that there are many obstacles such as barriers, spiders, giant balls, wooden boxes, rotating bars, and siren lights placed in front of the goalpost. They will stop your ball from flying into the goalpost. Therefore, you should try to destroy them or evade them. Note that you have 7 balls. If you want to win the game, you must do your best to score at least one goal.

Break the world records

Like Level Devil, this game also impresses you with its array of interesting levels. In this game, you are required to complete 100 levels and break 20 world records. You must win at least 5 levels to break a world record. Prove that you are the best soccer player by breaking all the world records in the game.

How to control: If you want to kick the ball, you must hold the left mouse button and then release it.

Creator and platform

In January 2024, Blumgi announced the release of Blumgi Soccer. This new soccer game attracted many players because of its easy accessibility. Like 8 Ball Pool, the game is also playable on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this game offers an opportunity to test your accuracy, tactics, and ability to overcome obstacles. Spend your time to join this game now or add it to your game arsena.