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Bloxd io

Bloxd io is a pixel-designed survival game with the most modes in the gaming world. With 17+ modes, players can choose any of their favorite survival modes.

Bloxd io Introduction

Welcome to the new survival game on our website! Our website focuses on survival games with Mincraft-inspired pixel graphics. Therefore, you can easily come across familiar games like Mineblock Adventure and Bloxd io that are also on that game list.

Coming to this Bloxd io game, players continue to immerse themselves in the simulated pixel world. Conditions, terrain, and environment will depend on each mode of this online game. An important feature is the character Noob, an iconic character for all pixel games. The Noob character will also appear in this survival game. However, you will transform into this character from a first-person perspective, so it is difficult to observe the entire character. On the contrary, you can observe other players because this Bloxd io game is a multiplayer game.

Modes And Survival Ways

This Bloxd io game is always updated and has new modes. Let's learn about survival modes at the present time.

17 Survival Modes

On the main screen, you can easily see all the modes: Survival, Peaceful, Creative, Bedwars 4v4v4v4, Bedwars Duos, Sky Wars, OneBlock, Greenville, CubeWarfare, EvilTower, DoodleCube, EvilTower, BloxdHop, Hide and Seek, Murder Mystery, Plots, Pirates, and Worlds.

Based on the name of each mode, Bloxd io players can notice differences in gameplay.

Survival Ways In Bloxd io

Although the way to survive in each mode is different, you only need to follow one rule: always protect your Noob character with your abilities like walking, running, jumping, swimming, and climbing. There are a lot of actions for your character to perform, so take advantage of them to protect your Bloxd io character.