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Angry Birds Rio

The Rescue Plan in Angry Birds Rio

Play Angry Birds Rio to join a plan to save other birds in the forest. Launch angry birds to fly far and hit the cages where the birds are imprisoned.

Saving cage birds

Created by Rovio Entertainment in 2011, this game revolves around birds called Rio, Red, Chuck, and the Blues in the forest in Brazil. Nigel asked Smugglers to kidnap them and imprison them in cages. When playing this game, you will transform into Red who is trying to rescue his friends. Let's use the slingshot to launch angry birds. After being launched, the birds will fly as far as possible and hit nearby structures or cages. If the launched birds hit the cages, the caged birds will be free. Note that the number of birds you can launch is limited. Therefore, you must do your best to rescue all imprisoned birds to win all levels.

Defeating enemies

Besides saving your bird friends, you are also tasked with battling with the Smugglers. You need to launch the birds to destroy the nearby structures. The Smugglers will be eliminated after being crushed by the collapsed structures. Do your best to eliminate all Smugglers before you run out of launched birds.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button and then release it to launch angry birds.

Impressive features of Angry Birds Rio

Various maps

The most appealing feature of this game is its diversity of game maps, which is identical to Om Nom Run. In this game, you will have a chance to explore three maps which are Smuggler's Plane, Beach Volley, and Airfield Chase. Each map introduces a new danger such as bombs, golden fruits, and so on.

Many levels

Like Tomb Of The Mask, this game also attracts many players because of its interesting levels. In each map, you are challenged to complete 20 levels. In each level, you must attempt to gain the highest score and three stars. Note that you are allowed to replay the previous levels if you do not gain three stars in these levels. Play the game and let’s see if you can earn 180 stars in the game.