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Alien Attack

Thrilling fight in Alien Attack

Alien Attack has emerged as a captivating space shooter that enthralls you with its intense battles. Shoot down as many alien ships as possible.

Combating alien invaders

This game offers an immersive gaming experience with its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. In this game, you take control of a powerful spaceship to combat waves of alien enemies. You must dodge enemy projectiles that can destroy your spaceship. In addition, you should collect power-ups dropping from the sky. These power-ups help to bolster your ship's firepower, defense, and special abilities. When your spaceship is upgraded, you can eliminate more alien invaders and earn more points. After defeating waves of small alien ships, you will encounter the boss of the battle. A giant alien ship will appear and shoot at you. Do your best to evade its devastating attacks and eliminate the boss in the shortest time to earn the highest score.

How to control

PC: Hold the left mouse button to control the spaceship.

MOBILE: Hold the screen to guide the spaceship.

Useful tactics to win Alien Attack

Utilize power-ups from the sky

Power-ups can provide temporary advantages during battles. These may include increased firepower, temporary shields, or special abilities. You should collect power-ups whenever possible and strategically activate them to gain an edge in combat.

Observe Enemy Patterns

The second tip is to pay attention to enemy movement patterns and attack formations. Understanding how enemies behave can help you anticipate their actions and avoid their attacks more effectively. This knowledge will be particularly useful during boss fights. You should constantly move your spaceship to dodge enemy projectiles. Practice agile maneuvering to avoid getting hit. Remember that surviving is crucial, so prioritize evading enemy attacks over dealing damage if necessary.

Moreover, I advise you to identify high-priority targets, such as boss enemies or particularly dangerous alien ships, and focus your firepower on them. Eliminating these threats quickly will make the battle more manageable and increase your chances of success.