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The gameplay of 10x10

10x10 is a new puzzle game that challenges you to arrange the blocks into a grid. Try to create complete lines of blocks to earn the highest score.

Besides The World's Hardest Game, this game is also appreciated by many players from all over the world. As its name suggests, this game offers an empty 10x10 grid. Your mission is to move the blocks with different shapes at the bottom of the screen to this grid. If any row or column of this grid is full of blocks, this row or column of blocks will be eliminated from the grid. You will be rewarded with many points after clearing the rows and columns of blocks. Because this is an endless game, so your goal is to remove as many lines of blocks as possible to gain the highest possible score. Note that when the grid has no more space to place the blocks, the game will end.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the blocks to the grid.

Some effective strategies to master 10x10

Focus on corners and edges

Corners and edges are valuable areas in this game since they provide additional flexibility for placing shapes. Therefore, I advise you to start by placing larger shapes towards the center, leaving the corners and edges open for smaller or more challenging pieces. Utilizing these areas effectively can help you accommodate shapes that may not fit easily elsewhere on the grid, maximizing your options and minimizing the risk of getting stuck with unplaceable shapes.

Maintain a Balanced Grid

Furthermore, I recommend to strive to keep a balanced distribution of shapes across the grid. You should avoid concentrating too many blocks in one specific area, as it can limit your options and make it difficult to clear lines efficiently. Distribute the shapes evenly, aiming for a harmonious arrangement that allows for flexibility and adaptability as new shapes are introduced.